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New BNL Album!

October 25th, 2006 | No Comments | Posted in General

The Barenaked Ladies are offering their latest album, “Barenaked Ladies Are Me,” as a download from their website without digital rights management. That means you can play it anywhere and everywhere you want.

I just bought the “Deluxe” version of the album from their site for 17.99 (USD). That’s 25 songs that I can do anything I want with.

This definitely makes music more “fun” when you know that most of your money is actually getting to the artists, not some mega-corp record label.

If you’re a fan of BNL, go check it out!

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MIT Sketching

October 7th, 2006 | No Comments | Posted in General

Wish this was available in school during physics classes…pretty amazing.

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10 Seeeeeriously Cool Workplaces

October 5th, 2006 | No Comments | Posted in General

Here’s some serious eye candy from 10 different innovative, well-designed workplaces. Including Pixar, Red Bull London and Google.

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Ten Things You Can Do Today to Stop The Spread of DRM

October 3rd, 2006 | No Comments | Posted in General

The key to defeating DRM is raising awareness among the general public of its dangers, media executives realize this, and so does DefectiveByDesign.org. October 3: The Day Against DRM is all about raising awareness.

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