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Breomedia.com is Live!

June 27th, 2006 | No Comments | Posted in General

After quite a few months of delays (you know what they say about the cobbler’s kids), Jen has put the finishing (for now) touches on the new site for our company, Breo Media. Check out the site and let me know what you think!

Stephen Colbert on 60 Minutes

June 27th, 2006 | No Comments | Posted in General

Video Games are Ruining America!

June 27th, 2006 | No Comments | Posted in General

Berners-Lee: Net Neutrality – This is serious

June 24th, 2006 | No Comments | Posted in General

From the Article:

When I invented the Web, I didn’t have to ask anyone’s permission. Now, hundreds of millions of people are using it freely. I am worried that that is going end in the USA.

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Utility Nukes Windows Genuine Advantage Callbacks

June 21st, 2006 | No Comments | Posted in General

Don’t want your Windows PC phoning home to Microsoft? Here’s news about a utility to stop it.

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US Govt. to EFF: We’re above the law!

June 21st, 2006 | No Comments | Posted in General

New court filings from the government argue that secrecy is more important than legality. “In short, the Government asserts that AT&T and the Executive can break the laws crafted by Congress, and there is nothing the Judiciary can do about it.”

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Ask a Ninja

June 16th, 2006 | No Comments | Posted in humor, video

If you want to check out any more of these videos, they can be found on YouTube or at Ask a Ninja.

Comment Spam Defeated….for now.

June 11th, 2006 | No Comments | Posted in General

I periodically check my comments to see what interesting tid-bits people have left for me (answer: not much).  While checking the other week, I noticed I had over 2000 comments in the moderation queue (nice!).

That problem had to get rectified immediately.  I cannot express how much I detest F-ing spammers.  So tonite I installed a new plugin for WordPress that’s called “Did you pass math?”.  If you want to leave a comment (and I encourage you to do so), it will ask you a simple mathematical question like “What is the sum of 3 and 6?”.  Hopefully you can figure it out!

Newsweek: How Long Will America Lead the World?

June 5th, 2006 | No Comments | Posted in General

The United States is still the dominant force in technology, innovation, productivity and profits. But Americans don’t quite realize how fast the rest of the world is catching up.

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Today’s Chuck Norris Fact

June 4th, 2006 | No Comments | Posted in Geek, General

We’ve (Jen and I) been spending the weekend moving all of Jen’s data+apps from her old Mac Mini to her new MacBook (which is totally sweet, BTW)…so I’ve been spending quite a bit of time “tweaking” the MacBook for her.

One new nugget of awesomeness is the Chuck Norris Facts Widget. The fact below gives you a taste of what the widget has to offer:

Most people know that Descarte said, “I think, therefore I am”. What most people don’t know is that the quote continues, “…afraid of Chuck Norris”.