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Europe Pics

October 31st, 2005 | No Comments | Posted in General

We’ve finally got pictures up from our vacation to Europe (London, Paris, parts of Germany) that we took during the early part of October. You can check them out here. If I get motivated enough, maybe I’ll journal some of the trip on the blog at a later date.


October 16th, 2005 | No Comments | Posted in General

This ad campaign by UNICEF Belgium definitely got my attention.

Here’s an article about it on CNN.

Video here.


October 14th, 2005 | No Comments | Posted in Geek

I find myself wanting to make virtual “post-it” notes of web pages that I visit. I could just bookmark it, but then I would have to deal w/ syncing my bookmarks from home/work/other-computer-using-places.

I’ve recently come across a web-based bookmarking service called Furl. Once you’ve signed up, you can just add a little “bookmarklet” to your browser and anytime you come across an interesting page, you can just click on the “Furl!” button to save it to your personal storage space. The double bonus is that you can now access it from any computer with a browser.