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Google Talk

August 29th, 2005 Posted in Geek, General

I’ve recently downloaded Google’s new Instant Messaging client, Google Talk. It has a relatively spartan user interface, but the totally bitchin’ aspect of it is that its underlying messaging protocol is completely open (XMPP, based on Jabber, for those who care).

Why should you care, you might ask? Well, since it’s completely open, Google is putting pressure on all of the other popular IM providers (AIM, Yahoo and MSN) to open up their protocols for inter-op. The up side of this, is that hopefully in the future, you won’t need 4 different chat clients to interact with all of you friends, family members or co-workers.

So go download Google Talk when you get a chance (you’ll need a gmail address) and leave me a comment that you’re on, so I can add you to my buddylist. Don’t worry about submitting your email address…it only shows up in the admin interface for the blog, not on the publicly viewable part.

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