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Web Standards

October 28th, 2003 | No Comments | Posted in General

If you’ve ever made a web page (or make them for a living), it’s a good idea to adhere to web standards. If web developers only stick to one browser, it defeats the spirit of an open web. So…next time you get ready to whip-up that next great webpage or website, cruise over to webstandards.org and make sure you’re doin’ it right.

OS X 10.3 – Panther

October 28th, 2003 | No Comments | Posted in General

In case you were wondering what all the hub-bub is about with the latest OS for Mac fans, you can check a pretty decent write-up here.

Forest Park

October 24th, 2003 | No Comments | Posted in General

I was cruising around CNN and saw this link about the renovations to Forest Park here in St. Louis.

I’m pretty bad about under-utilizing this place. But it looks like this renovation is really gonna schnaz the place up. If you live here in St. Louis, or are just visiting, I would check it out.

Another Guinness Record

October 22nd, 2003 | No Comments | Posted in General

Avtar Singh, 60, shows his 5.6 feet beard at his residence in the northern Indian city of Amritsar September 21, 2003. Singh, a retired Indian soldier, hopes his beard will qualify for an entry into the Guinness Book of World Records, with the 2004 edition to be published Sept. 25. (Munish Sharma/Reuters)

The Great MP3 Caper

October 22nd, 2003 | No Comments | Posted in General

Mr. Jeffries

October 21st, 2003 | No Comments | Posted in General

…from Yahoo! news.

Mr. Jeffries, a Bassett hound who is the dog with the largest ears in the world, stands with his ears outstretched. Mr. Jeffries, whose ears measured 11.5 inches on November 3, 2002 and are insured for $49,476, lives with his owner Phil Jeffries in Southwick, West Sussex in southern England. (Reuters – Handout)

What is wrong with this dude?

October 16th, 2003 | No Comments | Posted in General

Here is a link to some old guy in Germany who actually taught his dog to do the nazi salute.

While training the dog to stick it’s arm up that high is somewhat impressive (I can barely get our dog to shake…on a good day), I can’t believe this guy would spend so much time and not possibly think “maybe this isn’t such a bright idea”. Mark one up for the stupid people.
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October 12th, 2003 | 1 Comment | Posted in security

I was watching one of my favorite tech-dork shows today (The Screensavers), and they were talking about PGP…Pretty Good Privacy. You can use PGP to encrypt/decrypt messages and digitially sign your emails so that people know that messages really came from you. I’m finding it a little complicated to get all straight…but I’ll forge ahead and it should all become clear soon.

If you are going to use PGP, you’ll need a public and private key. The public key is what you give to your friends for them to use to encrypt a message for you. You then use your private key to decrypt that message.

You can grab PGP from here.

My public key is posted below:



Stop the MPAA’s Broadcast Flag!

October 12th, 2003 | No Comments | Posted in General

From the EFF’s site:

Hollywood is at it again, trying to control the design of new digital technologies. If the motion picture studios have their way, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will force all future televisions to include Hollywood-approved “content protection” technologies. Fair use, innovation and competition will suffer. What’s more, the “broadcast flag” technology that the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has proposed is so weak that it will do nothing to stem Internet redistribution of television programs. In fact, the only people hurt by this are legitimate consumers, innovators and researchers.

If you want technological innovations to be lead by those who know best, let your voice be heard by signing up here.

Suing your customers…

October 9th, 2003 | No Comments | Posted in General

An article from the Wharton School of Business points out that suing your customers will never work.