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Join the EFF

August 31st, 2003 | No Comments | Posted in General

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) was created to defend our rights to think, speak, and share our ideas, thoughts, and needs using new technologies, such as the Internet and the World Wide Web. EFF is the first to identify threats to our basic rights online and to advocate on behalf of free expression in the digital age.

If you’re not signed up to help out at the action center, please do so. It takes very little work on your part. To help support current issues, all you have to do is supply your email address, and the EFF will send letters/faxes to your congressman to make them aware of the issues.

The Honeymoon

August 31st, 2003 | No Comments | Posted in General

We just got back from the honeymoon in Jamaica last nite.

We stayed at a Sandals resort in Negril. The resort was very nice. The Jamaican people are amazingly nice. We basically played and slept all week….and ate….a lot. Some of our activites included: snorkeling (I highly recommed), wind surfing, eating, climbing a waterfall (Dunn’s River Falls), swimming and eating.

My only negative on the whole experience is the country outside of the resorts….it’s pretty poor. The don’t even have a decent 2-lane road to get you around the island. But other than that, an interesting place to visit.

I’ll try to get the pics (and a link) of the trip up soon.

Got Hitched

August 31st, 2003 | No Comments | Posted in General

I haven’t posted for quite a while, but I think I have good reason….Jen and I got married last week (8/23/2003)! The wedding day could not have gone any better. There were no big problems and the ceremony and reception were a blast. It was great to see so many friends and family get together. I think we’ll have somewhere in the neighborhood of a thousand or more pics, when everything is said and done. I will post a link here when we get them up on the site!

Samba Team Calls Out SCO

August 20th, 2003 | No Comments | Posted in General

Rather than bore you with all the details of why SCO is a pretty dirty company, I’ll point you to this article.

Here’s the brief synopsis:

SCO say they own the rights to UNIX (an Operating System) and IBM used knowledge learned from UNIX and copied it, verbatim, into Linux. So now SCO says that everybody who runs Linux (the OS serving you this web page) needs to pay them anywhere from $299-$799 per computer! Here’s the rub: SCO, for years, distributed Linux under a license that says people are free to make unlimited copies of, and changes to (binary and source) software, as long as they release those changes under the same License (the GPL).

So the part that takes us to the Zenith of crazyiness is that after all of this hullabaloo, they have the audacity to take GPL code (Samba) and integrate it within their proprietary software.

I’m sure I’ll keep you up-to-date with this stuff as their lawsuit versus IBM progresses.

Web Browsers

August 20th, 2003 | No Comments | Posted in General
If you’re tired of getting crazy spyware on your computer, or have been hit by some of the latest worms/virii, try moving away from some of Microsoft’s less-than-stellar products. One of the easiest things to do is to download Mozilla! It is the best web browser out there, and it’s free! Do yourself a favor and give it a spin.

Scout Walker Kama Sutra

August 16th, 2003 | No Comments | Posted in General

If you like Star Wars and Kama Sutra, then check out this site.

Fixing Windows

August 16th, 2003 | No Comments | Posted in General

Fixing Windows

Luxury Loo

August 14th, 2003 | No Comments | Posted in General

For the person that has everything….Luxury Loo: The Seat Also Rises.


August 13th, 2003 | No Comments | Posted in General

I’ve been using a new program for editing the blog. It’s called w.bloggar….very cool little program. Pretty easy to setup and has some nice features to make editing your blog just that much less tedious. If you’re a blogger, check it out.

Text Me!

August 13th, 2003 | No Comments | Posted in General

I was lucky enough to get a new Sprint PCS Vision phone from Jen for my birthday. Today was the day my account was finally switched over, so I get to play with all the Vision stuff. I now get unlimited Text Messages to my phone….so if you want to send me something, just Click on the “Text Me!” link in the LINKS section on the right of this page.

This is still pretty beta, so you have to enter in my phone number. I’m gonna customize it soon so that entering my number will not be necessary.