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June 30th, 2003 | No Comments | Posted in General

So the RIAA is out to sue everyone into oblivion. I’m sure I’ll rant on this subject at length some other time, but for now…check out their site for more info.

CrockHunter Seth

June 30th, 2003 | No Comments | Posted in General

My buddy Seth is currently working in Perth, Australia right now for the company we used to work for (Telispark).

He sent me some pics of his adventures thus far and there was one in particular that I found amusing…

Selling Out

June 29th, 2003 | No Comments | Posted in quotes

So I told myself whenever I put up this blog that I would make a noble attempt to keep it updated if not on a daily basis, an almost daily basis.

Well I figured out a easy way to keep that promise, but in typical Eric fashion, not put in too much work. There’s this whiteboard at work that people put up funny quotes and sayings on on a daily basis. If I find something that is particularly funny or amusing, I’ll put it up here. If there is an author attached, I’ll give due credit. Also, every-so-often, I’ll sprinkle in a Davism. Davisms are famous around the Danker household, because my Dad (The Dave in Davism) uses them often.

I’ll even start this one out with a Davism I heard this weekend…

“There’s never a traffic jam on the extra mile”
- davism

Apple WWDC

June 24th, 2003 | No Comments | Posted in General

Man…does Apple make some super-cool stuff.

I’ve always thought their products were very inspiring, but since Jen got me an iPod about a month ago, I’ve been paying more attention to their offerings.

They had their WorldWide Developer’s Conference this week, and they unveiled all sorts of cool things like iChat AV, the PowerMac G5 and the new version of OS X…the uber-cool OS that has a killer user interface, but has UNIX under the covers.

The Patio Project

June 23rd, 2003 | No Comments | Posted in General


I’ve basically been a bad blogger this last week. Got caught up being Charlie Homeowner and put a patio in out back. Here’s a couple pics to show you how it turned out. Mad props to Meyer and Winschel, for their expert construction knowledge is what really made this thing turn out.

The Good Samaritan

June 12th, 2003 | No Comments | Posted in General

So I’m on my way to work on Tues morning, and in typical midwest summer fashion, it is raining like a mofo. I’m on 44, right about Vandeventer…and traffic comes to a complete stop. So we’re sitting there for atleast 10-15 mins, then some traffic assist dude starts putting out orange cones…closes all 4 lanes. Now I’m thinking “what the hell?”. So all this morning traffic is being diverted off the the highway onto these city side streets. So I say to myself, “just my luck…to be caught in something like this on the way to work”.

Turns out that the reason the highway was closed was some nurse was driving on 44, saw a car that was in an accident, and decided to pull over to help. She was struck by an oncoming car when she tried to cross the 4 lanes of traffic.

Pretty sad stuff.

For the love of God….

June 10th, 2003 | No Comments | Posted in General

Who would have thought adding a new style to this God-forsaken thing would be so painful? Well…maybe it’s because I’m an idiot. Seriously….this shouldn’t have taken as long as it did. But now this blog has a much better appearance. So, that’s nice.

Woohoo!….first post

June 10th, 2003 | No Comments | Posted in General

So…I’ve got something new to play with. After about 2hrs of messing around w/ this darn thing, I’ve got MovableType up on danker.org so now I can blog with wild abandon! Very cool….in a geeky way.